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Looking To Play Real Money Casino Games? – What’s On Offer?

Fancy trying your hand at the tables? You’d love to but the nearest casino is miles away, and you’re just not sure about online casinos? Well things have come a long way and there are some excellent brands around today that offer a top notch experience from the comfort of your own space.
Play Real Money Casino GamesThe choice of online casino games for real money is huge. If you love sights and sounds of the slot reals falling into place, no problem. Spinning the ‘Devils Wheel’, catered for. Think of yourself as a bit of a maths freak blackjack is the one for you then. What every your particular favorite there is probably a site that caters for it. Because of the virtually limitless table space online casinos are now able to widen their appeal and offer more casino games for real cash than ever before. Some casino brands have over 450 games to choose from!

Want To Play In Your Lunch Break? No Problem The Mobile Casino Will Let You

Playing games on your phone goes all the way back to ‘Snake’ remember that? Terrible wasn’t it? Well things always have a beginning and thankfully tech progresses quickly. The world of the smartphone is moving at a phenomenal pace and game developers are running with the hounds. Every one of the top casinos have an excellent mobile version. There are download apps for Android and iOS devices for nearly all the top sites. Those that don’t have apps have made web-based mobile friendly versions, compatible with all devices by using HTML5 coding. A few have all bases covered.
While there may not be as much choice of games with some offerings, there will be more mobile casino games for real money coming online as the industry moves forward. Statistics are saying that mobile browsing will overtake desktops pretty soon. So anyway let’s have a brief round down on the most popular games available online for that real money gambling buzz.

Fruit Machines Have Grown Up – Now You Can Win Real Money Not Just Pennies

slot machinesAnybody above a certain age remembers the fruit machine in the pub, social club or chip shop. Poor jackpots, not much going on, basically an electronic one arm bandit. Well boy have things changed every single online casino has an abundance of fruit machines on steroids.
Now almost universally known as slots these games make up the majority of places on any casino games list. Pick a theme and you will find a slots game based on it. Movies, sports, cartoon characters, the possibilities are endless. Marvel™ themed games seem to be an almost bottomless store of opportunities. The stakes per spin range from pennies to pounds and the available jackpots can be huge. The progressive jackpot slot machine is a favorite tool of the online casino. Linking games with other casinos running the same software allows huge jackpots to accumulate. This is done by sharing players and each spin wagered adds a little to the communal pot.
Regular millionaires are made this way for a relatively miniscule stake. The record single payout for an online casino to date is £5.9M on a progressive slot game for just 30p. Slots are a big reason many say with one casino, you can find a game based on a pastime you are interested with and get the chance for big money. Another bonus with online slots is the percentage payout is better when compared to land based casinos. The common payout online runs at 95% for slots games.

Roulette – As Old As Casinos Are

rouletteIf you visit online casinos, games for real money are the reason you are there. One of the oldest casino games there is, roulette is found at every single one and there are a few versions to choose from. Roulette has always been played for money, but unlike land based casinos, there are tables available for everybody’s bankroll size.
The appeal of roulette to many players is the simplicity of the game, anybody can play straight away, pick a number and away you go. But the more you play the more the different bets come into play. Your gameplay grows with experience. Most start with the evens bets of red or black, or odd or even. There are also evens bets on 1-18 and 18-36.
The single number bet is also a favorite with newbies but this is a much longer shot paying 35-1. The odds of hitting it are actually 37-1 with a European table and 38-1 on an American table which is where the house makes more on its percentage. The table of numbers is split into three blocks of 12 and each block can be wagered on, if the number that comes up is in your block you win at 2-1. You can split two numbers either vertically or horizontally for 17-1. The street bet is a line of 3 at 11-1 and a double street two adjoining lines at 5-1. A column bet is 12 in one column at 2-1.
There is a couple of extra bets on the American wheel due to the 00 being added, but this version of roulette favors the house even more. Once you see the layout of the betting table it all becomes clear. Most layouts are very similar just the terminology may be little different. The wheel is the constant designed in the late 19th century it has been the same ever since. Most of the top casinos have a free play version you can try before committing any real money on this very popular casino game.

Blackjack – The Thinkers Game

blackjackEverybody knows blackjack we have all played 21 at some time, stick or twist, oh no bust. Well blackjack may have different terms than that but the game is the same. Beat the banker, get as close to 21 without going over. Simple. But over the years many systems have come into play involving counting cards. Land based casinos will ban you if you are suspected of counting cards, back in the day in Las Vegas a lot worse was in store! This is where online casinos can be trumped by the punters.
In the comfort of your own home you can consult as many books or tables as you like nobody will ever know.
Blackjack seems to have more versions of the game than you would need to play. They are all basically the same but just have a few betting rules that differ, or may be themed or have bonuses attached. This is another game that will have plenty of free play versions to hone your skills on. Blackjack is one game where a clever punter can use maths and strategy tables to take the house.

The Aristocracy Loves Baccarat Will You?

baccarat onlinePunto Banco is another favorite with long standing roots. Played by the well-to-do for many years this card game has made the transition to the online world very well indeed. Not as popular yet but it is gaining ground. A game where you don’t actually get dealt a hand you bet on one or the other, either Bank or Player (Banco Punto).
The hand nearest 9 wins. The cards are valued ace is 1, 2-9 are face value, and all tens and picture cards are 0. Three bets can be placed a win on either bank or player, and a draw. Two cards are dealt for each hand if a ‘natural’ 8 or 9 hits then no third card comes and the hand is declared. If no natural comes then the slightly complicated rules for a third card come into play. Read our special Baccarat page for more information.

A house commission of 5% of winnings is the norm for this game

Dice Games Are Growing In Popularity

Over the pond Craps have been played in back rooms and alleys for a very long time. The origin of the game seems to have as many stories as there are bets on this dice game. Popularity for the game is growing in the UK and Europe. While you don’t get the thrill of the physical roll of the dice, graphics for most are good enough to really enjoy. The rules and betting for this game are way too in depth for here, but roll a 7 or 11 to start with and you win, many casinos have slightly different wagers available so check with each one.
The Asian dice game Sic Bo is offered at most as well, played with three dice in a basket, with many bets available. Video Poker, Pai Gow, Keno and on and on, the list of games to play online is growing every day. Software companies are improving the delivery and there is no space limit to an online casino so expect more of the obscure gambling games to come out soon.

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