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Take a Seat, Place a Bet, and Brace Yourself for an Online Blackjack Casino Game

Blackjack, sometimes referred to as 21-Blackjack or just 21, is by far the most popular table Casino game played worldwide. There are plenty of reasons why so many people prefer to head straight towards the Blackjack over all other tables in the Casino. The game is very easy to learn with uncomplicated betting rules, making it easily accessible for most people to play. Like every great game that has stood the test of time, it involves the dual elements of luck and strategy.
A player that implements a good basic Blackjack strategy can increase their chances of success by reducing the house advantage. Not unsurprisingly, the game offers some of the best odds in the house giving players a great opportunity to win money, especially when playing at a Blackjack Casino online.

How to Choose the Best Online Casino that Offers Blackjack

blackjack casino gameWith an ever increasing number of online Casinos to choose from, how do we go about selecting the best ones to maximize our Blackjack game experience? You will probably be relieved to know this is not so difficult when you follow just a few simple rules. The most important factors to consider are:
Casino Reputation and Security. Make sure that the Casino you choose is reputable and has adequate security in place to protect any money deposits you make. It is relatively easy to conduct a few simple checks to find out the most honest and secure online Casinos around. A good place to start would be to conduct a google search for Blackjack online.
The most established sites will rank highly. The more reputable casinos will be the ones you have heard of so it makes a lot of sense to use these results as a starting point. Without getting into too much technical detail, you can find out if a Casino offers a secure method of payment as well as protection against hacks and attacks by knowing what Casino software provider they use. Reputable providers such as Microgaming, Playtech and Net Entertainment generally offer very high verified standards of security.
The Variety of Blackjack Games Available. Some online Casinos will offer different variations of the classic Blackjack version most commonly played. Different variations allow players to take advantage, and potentially profit from, the different game features and options available. Experienced players tend to favour the larger Blackjack online Casinos as many offer a greater variety of games. Here are some of the more popular ones you may come across:

Types of Blackjack Games

Surrender hand after first 2 cards and recover half of original stake.

Played with 2 hands. The 3rd and 4th cards can be switched around.

Offers side bet on pairing cards between player and dealer.

The dealer is not allowed to look at the 2nd card and limits card splitting.

Only played online and plays more than one hand at a time.

Cannot stand on 14 or less and beats the dealer if 5 cards drawn under 21.

Allowing a side bet on the first 2 cards drawn being the same value.

Removes all 10’s from the deck but offers other rules favouring the player.
Bonus and Payout Percentage. Who doesn’t like a good bonus? Fortunately, all online Casinos offer incentives to bring in the players due to the high level of competition between gaming businesses. Almost all of them will offer a signup bonus, which is around 100% of the first deposit as standard. Many will also offer additional bonuses thereafter and it is not uncommon to receive bonuses for the first 5 deposits, VIP member bonuses and free bets to name a few incentives available.
You may have to make a sizable deposit to take full advantage of this offers, so you should always read the terms and conditions associated with any promotion a casino offers. Another thing to look out for is the payout rate. This rate expresses as a percentage the average amount paid back on a particular Casino or game. Fortunately, Blackjack will pay out better than most Casino games but there will be some differences depending on the establishment and the variation of Blackjack played.

What Strategies Can I Use to Gain a Better Chance of Winning

Blackjack has the lowest house advantage of all Casino table games giving players a very good chance of beating the dealer. You should also be aware that you can also lose money very quickly if you don’t play smart, so adopting rules pertaining to what you should do in certain situations is always a good idea. Having a good basic Blackjack strategy can help you reduce the house advantage to virtually zero, greatly improving your odds of winning over a series of games.
Before playing for money, make sure that you understand the card values and game rules. This may sound obvious, but the best strategy tips are, as we are generally working with probabilities. Like for example, always hit on 11 (because there are more 10’s in the deck than any other card), always split 8’s and double Aces and never split 5’s and 10’s. Also, it is generally better to stand on 17 and higher, while hitting on anything less.

Plan to Play or Play to Win Instantly at a Live Online Casino

Playing live Blackjack online offers a number of advantages over your local brick and mortar real world Casino. Here are a few of the best benefits:
Bonuses: All Online Casinos offer a welcome bonus and player incentives usually not provided at a physical Casino.
Convenience: Can be played anywhere at any time online. You won’t have to plan and organise a journey.
Choice: Online you have so many more choices to play the variation of Blackjack that suits you.
Better Odds: Because online establishments don’t have the overheads of their offline counterparts, they can afford to provide better house odds on games.
Lower Minimum Bets: Most online Casinos will allow you to place low minimum bets if you just want to play conservatively.
More Games Time: The game is played a lot faster online as no time is wasted between hands.
Accessibility: Online Casinos are far more accessible than many physical Casinos and no dress code is required for playing online.
Player Advantages: You can get away with using cheat sheets to minimise the house edge when playing online.
Portability: Easier to find a seat at another table at an online Casino.
More Privacy: You don’t have to worry about someone looking over your shoulder when playing in the privacy of your home.

Sweaty Palms and Pulse Racing, Blackjack Is the Thrill Deal

Blackjack is a fast easy to play game providing players with the best odds to win money at the Casino. Adopting a good Blackjack strategy will help you maximise your potential profits over a number of game sessions. Playing live online will bring the Blackjack Casino experience direct to you wherever you are, whenever you want to play. It is fun authentic live-action that can be accessed from any device with a browser and high-speed internet connection offering many advantages over a traditional brick and mortar Casino.
It is not difficult to find the best casinos that offer blackjack online, but if you want to save yourself some time look no further than this website. We have already done the hard work for you and selected some of the safest, most exciting online Blackjack Casinos available anywhere.

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