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Play Online Slots Real Money Waiting To Be Won

Play Online SlotsSlot machines where probably the introduction to gambling for the vast majority of people. Playing the fruit machine in the local chippy, while waiting for your order, is something most of us are familiar with. The explosion of online gambling in recent years has given the slot machine a new lease of life. No longer a quick distraction for the chance to win a few pounds, it’s become the opportunity to win life changing money.
There is no other casino game that can turn a few pence into millions of pounds in a single wager. There are sites online that are dedicated to just slots and the choice available is astounding. Many offer over 300 different games to play all with their own themes and varying ways to win.

Classic Online Casino Slots Real Money Paid On Three Reels

The oldies are still goodies. Three reel slots are still found at most online casinos and are the simplest kind to play. Most have only one win line and you need to hit three of a kind to win. Some will offer more win lines with a higher stake for that spin. This version is still very popular with punters as it is a very relaxed way to play, not a lot of thought is required. Unfortunately the three reel slot doesn’t really have much room for growth and verity. While most casinos have three reel slots the vast majority of games will be far more complicated.

Most games now have 5 or more reels in action this opens up the win lines considerably. The online slot machines real money win lines are usually between 2 and 100. Depending on the game played multiple wins can be achieved on just one spin. There will normally be an option on how many lines you want in play each spin. This can mean that the same game can be played for minimal, or a lot higher stakes. The basic principles for a win are the same the symbols need to match across the win lines.

Online Slots For Real Money With Bonus Games As Well

A lot of the latest slots games now have bonus games as part of their makeup. This adds a whole new element to the game and can be a major feature. Usually heavily linked to the theme that the game is based on, it allows the game to take on very individual features. The bonus game can be just about anything. A lot are skill based and need you to complete a puzzle. Some are simply a spin of a wheel of fortune. Most will have additional prizes attached without your winnings being affected. Free spins are often given as a kind of bonus on some machines. The audio will quite often change and sometimes the play will be automatic.
You will win any winning combos that hit while in free spin mode. Gamble mode is another way casinos spice up the action. Mostly in the form of choose how a card will come red black, what suit etc. Depending on the game the bet can be doubled, or quadrupled if you get it spot on. The gamble mode is only active once you have some winnings to gamble with.

Progressive Jackpots The Main Reason People Play Online Slots

If you play online slots for real money, progressive jackpots are probably what got you into it in the first place. The chance to win massive jackpots for small stakes appeals to the masses. A great marketing tool by casinos that costs no more to run than any other game in their software platform. The prize pool is not added to by the casino in any way. All of the funds are supplied by those playing. The reason the jackpots can get so large is by linking the games with other casinos running the same software. It does make for very similar casinos with the same games almost across the board. Luckily there is enough difference with the other games to give a little verity.
By pooling players a small amount from each spin goes into the communal jackpot. All other stakes are individual to each casino. It works very well for the casinos and the jackpots for the punters can be huge. Most UK facing casinos that run slots have at least one progressive that regularly hits multi million pound figures. This has benefited the big players in the software development field as well, and has allowed them a virtual strangle hold on the industry. Playtech being one of the biggest and is used by a lot of the top UK sites.

Choosing Which Slots To Play For Real Money

There are so many different games to choose from it would take a lot of your time and money to try them all. Pretty much every game is based on some kind of theme, sports, movies, fantasy etc. Choose a game that has a theme that’s in line with something you enjoy and interests you. You will soon be bored of a sport based game if you can’t stand and know nothing of sports. Then look into what bonuses are part of the game how the additional features work. Will you have skill based bonuses or just free spins.
All online slots pay out at a rate of 95% or thereabouts (much better than land based). How they payout though will give you an idea to work with. Some payout less frequently but with higher prizes others more so with lower. All the best sites publish payout charts for all their slots with a bit of reading and maths skills you can work out which games suit you.

The same due diligence is needed for any casino game and slots are no different. As there are quite a few sites that have only slots games to play, it is a little bit harder to gauge how good they are. Reputations are not as long standing. Do your background checks, talk to the customer service, check out reviews. If you can’t find out much about a company don’t use them. There are so many well known brands that have hundreds of slots games it’s not worth risking your money with an unknown entity. Be very wary of a site that doesn’t have a payout list. They have probably got something to hide. Above all try not to get carried away. Slots are a very easy way to lose a lot of money in a very short space of time. If you find yourself getting sucked in and reloading your account more than you wanted too, take a break.
Every reputable casino has a policy that allows you to set a deposit limit, use it. It will give you the chance to have a breather and if you find yourself having to do that a lot get help. Once again all the best casinos are committed to responsible gambling and are associated with and can refer to any number of charities set up to deal with addiction problems. Remember its meant to be fun so enjoy and play wisely. Good luck.

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