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Play Online Video Poker for the Best Deal in the House

Online casino video poker combines the strategy of poker with the fast action excitement of slots. It is ideal for any player who wants a game of skill with a low house advantage. Video poker won’t make you rich overnight but it does give a player a better chance of winning than most other games. In some circumstances, it is even possible to gain an advantage over the casino by playing the right game with the right strategy. This doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to win. Video poker, like all other casino games, is still dependant on a degree of luck. The game is very easy to play, too. A novice to the game can get great value for their money just by playing the easiest variation of the game.

How to Choose the Best Online Casino for Video Poker

video poker casino gameThere are essentially two important things to consider when choosing a video poker online casino. First, ensure that the online casino has a good reputation and can be trusted on issues such payments and withdrawals, good customer service, and platform security. Generally speaking, trusted casinos will be fully licensed by a responsible gaming authority and ideally members of eCOGRA.
It would also be wise to give consideration to game selection. There are many different variations of casino poker and each will offer different payout rates. The payout rate can be worked out from the payout table displayed if you know what to look for. For some players, the quality of the game in terms of graphics and features is equally important. In this instance, the casino’s software provider will be an important factor.
Although it is often a matter of personal preference, video poker games provided by software companies such as Real Time Gaming (RTG), Playtech, and Microgaming are very highly rated.
You should be selective and take your time when choosing the best online casino. If time is an issue and you want to get straight into the action then look no further than this website for casinos which offer great options for video poker game play.

A Popular Online Casino Game with Easy to Learn Rules

To play the game first select the number of coins you want to bet. The maximum bet gives you the option of winning the highest payout amount. Press the DEAL button to turn over the initial 5 cards. The game will automatically choose to hold the cards with the best odds of winning but you can override these suggestions by clicking on the card to select or deselect the hold feature. When you have decided which, if any, cards you wish to keep press the DRAW button and the unselected cards will be replaced with new cards. You will win if your 5 cards hit any of the hands as displayed on the payout table. Here is a list of the basic winning hands playing ‘Jacks or Better’:

ROYAL FLUSH JACKPOT (10+J+Q=K+A all in the same suit)
STRAIGHT FLUSH 5 Consecutive number cards same suit (for example – 3+4+5+6+7)
4 OF A KIND 4 Cards of the same number (2+2+2+2)
FULL HOUSE 1 Pair + 3 of a kind (K+K) + (9+9+9)
FLUSH Any 5 cards of the same suit
STRAIGHT 5 Cards in a consecutive number sequence
3 OF A KIND 3 cards of the same of any number (E.G. 7+7+7)
2 PAIR 2 Pairs the same (E.G. 5,5 + 9,9)
JACKS OR BETTER 2 Identical cards Jacks or higher (J+J)

Game Variations add a Twist to the Original ‘Jacks or Better’ Classic

There are literally hundreds of video poker casino games available online. Here are a few of the most common versions-
Jacks or Better
The original video poker game and easiest to master, the player wins on a pair of jacks or higher. This game is a good option for beginners.
Deuces Wild
Preferred by the more experienced players as the payout rate is generally higher. The deuces (2’s) can represent any card in the game but cannot complete a natural royal flush.
Joker Poker
Features a Joker as an extra card adding some interesting payout features such as ‘5 of a kind’ and ‘Wild Royal Flush’.
Double Bonus
Offers higher payout on all ‘4 of a kind’ hands with a big win on Aces.
Aces and Eights / Aces and Faces
Similar to Double Bonus but only have higher payouts on certain ‘4 of a kind’ combinations.

The Importance of a Casino Video Poker Strategy and Tips for Success

There are certain things you can do before playing to increase your chance of winning:
1. Look for the games with the best payout rates.
2. Practice before playing for real money.
3. Play maximum amount bets to get the full value of winning hands.
4. Only play for stakes you can afford and never chase losses.
5. Use a strategy guide.
Video poker can offer the lowest house edge of all casino games ranging from 95% to +102%. The games which offer the lowest house edge are known as ‘full pay’ or ‘9/6’ games. You can find the payout rate of any video poker game by looking at the payout table. A Full pay game will return 9 coins to 1 wagered on a full house and 6 coins to 1 on the flush (9/6).

Jacks or higher 9/6 99.54%
8/5 97.3%
6/5 95%
Deuces Wild 25/15/9/5/3/2 100.76%
Double Bonus Poker 9/6 99.64%

As you can see from the chart above choosing the right table can make a huge difference to your potential winnings. The maximum percentage payout is only possible if the correct strategy is used by holding the right cards on every draw. Video poker strategy guides are widely available showing the best option on every hand dealt. It is important to use a guide if you are playing to win because guessing the correct answer would likely return you the same odds as playing a slot machine.
Video poker will also offer the option of a double or nothing bet on most winning hands. To double up on your winnings you must turn a card of higher value than the one the game has selected by choosing one of the four remaining cards. It is a 50/50 bet without a house advantage (although some games may give the house advantage for cards drawn of equal value). All being equal these are good odds offered by the casino.

An Exciting all Action Game with an Edge

Video poker is possibly the only game in the casino that can offer the player an edge over the house when selecting the right game using the correct strategy. This makes it very appealing to players who know they have a very good chance of winning real money by learning the game, using a strategy guide and finding the best online games to play on. Along with its easy to learn rules and fast action play, video poker is certainly worth a spin.

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