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Smartphones, tablets and now watches, we love to be connected wherever we are. Living in a time when snatching a few minutes of down time is important, the world of mobile gaming has really come of age. Mobile technology is one of the fastest growing industries there is.
Play through Mobile Casino AnywhereOnline gaming developers have kept pace from the start and mobile online casinos are now very good. Your favorite games are available to play anywhere, anytime. Software is now so good for mobile devices that the gameplay is starting to outstrip the desktop versions. Slots on your phone work so well it’s almost as if the tech was made just for them.
Your own little roulette wheel to play on while having a coffee, brilliant! Blackjack to ease the daily commute, what could be more civilized? Mobile casinos are available in a download format or direct from your phones browser, there are some differences so let’s explain a little.

App Or Browser? – Your Choice For The Mobile Online Casino

If you have been living on a dessert island for the last ten years you would probably be one of the few that doesn’t know what an app is. Applications are available for just about everything these days and the industry is not slowing down. Gaming developers have a large segment of the market and have been at the sharp end since the beginnings of the internet. Basically apps are just software programs with a catchy name. Mobile phone apps are the downloadable kind that is made for your particular operating system. In the world of gaming that means that the screen size and graphics capabilities of the device are built into the app.
Apps are directly linked to the website with no signing in needed. No load times on any of the games is one of the main advantages of a download, as is the superior gameplay. One of the downsides of apps in the past was the amount of memory space needed. This is no longer an issue as even the least expensive phones now have memory space that would rival a laptop from fifteen years ago.
The problem with an app is the very fact that it is built for one operating system means it’s not compatible with another. The main ones being Android, iOS, Blackberry and WindowsPhone, Android and iOS have the biggest slice of the pie. A flash based Android app will not work for an Apple device, and an iOS app will not work with Android. To combat this issue the truly mobile responsive website was needed. A lot of casinos realized that they were excluding a reasonable chunk of the market by just having Android and iOS apps available.
Mobile casino app or in-browser mode gambling to choose?Along came HTML5 a coding system to change the way websites work completely. Recognizing the system that has logged onto the page the coding then loads a version that suits the screen size and the OS. Perfect, a customized website for your device. No more flash is required so Apple devices are happy, and the less popular systems like Blackberry and Windows are now truly catered for. The irony now is that apps are starting to be coded in HTML5 as well, so it may well be that they will all be universal soon. Although Apple and Google may not be too happy to about it. Trends are pushing software and hardware designers in the direction of anywhere on anything. This put simply means that soon all new websites will be designed to work flawlessly on any device.

What Too Look For In A Mobile Casino

There are so many mobile offerings to choose from it can be a little overwhelming trying to make a decision. It will all depend on what it is you want from the casino. Visit a good mobile casino review and you will get a lot of information to base your choice on.
For example what games do you want to play on your mobile? If you just want to have a few spins on the slots in your lunch break there are apps that are exclusively for mobiles and mainly dedicated to slots. 3D slots games for your phone that are quite frankly excellent, made to measure with audio and graphics that are just like playing the real thing. If you want the full spread of games available you may be out of luck with your usual casino. Even the top boys don’t have all of their games available for mobiles yet.
But all will have roulette, blackjack and slots. Shop around there are some very good mobile exclusive casinos that have put all their effort into having as many games as possible. If you don’t want to have a separate account for your phone, when you sign up to a casino before you deposit, check the mobile version. You don’t want to tie up your money with a site if you are not happy with the mobile version. The longest running online casinos all have very good mobile sites and apps. They have tweaked, polished and ironed out the creases.
You can’t go wrong with the likes of bet365 and William Hill all have a long history in the bookmaking field. They have put this to good use and run top class casinos as well getting in on the mobile scene early.

Long Gone Are The Connectivity Issues

We all remember the frustration of poor connection, the buffering arrow spinning around and around. Wondering when will the game come back online? This is still a cause for concern for some and may be stopping them from using a mobile casino. The worry that you are in the middle of a game and you lose signal and your money is gone. Well don’t worry the developers have accounted for that and the best casinos have safeguards inbuilt into their software.
The game will pause if the connection is broken and resume when you reconnect. These days it is not that necessary though, mobile technology is so good now run time and general connectivity is as good as a hardline. 3G and now 4G as well, have pushed the boundaries making mobile browsing and gameplay excellent. The western world has almost total mobile coverage and will only get stronger. Along with the Wi-Fi capabilities of all modern mobile devices if there is a hole in service, there’s probably a public network available. Blackjack with your coffee and Danish splendid.

Your Details Are Just As Safe With A Mobile Casino

Mobile casinos go to great lengths to make sure their customers are safe and secureIn this day and age identity theft is a major concern online. Keeping your details safe and secure is a top priority. Mobile casinos go to great lengths to make sure their firewalls and encryption software are bang up to date. Industry standard SSL Encryption is used making it as safe as any hardline connection. Coupled with the inbuilt security systems on your device your personal information is kept that way, personal! The only issues that can arise are with public Wi-Fi.
Some mobile sites don’t have an auto redirect to a secure page when you log in. This can be risky on unsecured networks, your login details could be seen. This will not put your finances at risk as all sites have secure deposit and withdrawal pages, with verification protocols in place. It does mean that somebody can hack your account at the casino and play with your bankroll. If you log in to a site and there is no green padlock icon and the address doesn’t start with https, it is not secure, so be wary.

Mobile Casinos Are Regulated Just The Same

If a mobile casino takes UK customers it must be regulated and licensed by the gaming commission just the same as any hardline one. If you can’t find any such license don’t use the site. A license doesn’t necessarily mean a straight player but an unlicensed one definitely means a dodgy one. The same due diligence is needed when using a mobile casino as any other. Read reviews, join a forum find out who owns the site. A lot of fly by night companies change their appearance regularly keeping up to date is very important.

What’s In Store For Mobile Casinos?

The competition in the industry is very strong, so much so that it’s becoming difficult for any new brands to break into the market. That doesn’t mean it’s going to stagnate. Casinos are plowing a lot of resources into keeping their brands strong. The world is moving very fast and the gaming community will have to keep up. All sites will need to be just as good on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop or they just won’t survive. More processing power, better graphics and larger memories will drive the mobile casinos to great heights. Expect more games to be available with a more engaging gameplay, mobiles are the future and it’s here now.

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