A Million And One Online Casino Reviews – Are They Believable? What About Forums?

Approved Online Casino ReviewsFind a good one and yes it is. The problem is there are probably thousands to choose from. A quick Google and the hits will just keep coming. It seems the world and its wife have an opinion on how good a casino is. So why are there so many? Well the cold hard truth is they get paid for every referral that deposits with the casino in question. There will be a link somewhere on the page to take you direct to the registration form. The cynics among you will be shouting “click bait then”. Well it is and it isn’t, yes the whole reason that all the reviews exist is to generate income. The point is that it doesn’t mean the review is fake. It would make no sense to write blatant rubbish, the short term gains to be had would not be worth it in the long run. Nobody would believe the review site pretty quickly if they indorse the worse there is. Or just write misleading comments with reviews that are an obvious case of brown nosing. So an online casino comparison site that has been around for some time should be trustworthy.

Forums Are The Punters Posts

Posts on forums on the other hand are written by casino customers. These are a great source of information when it comes to your due diligence. If forums are flooded with very similar comments about one casino then chances are there’s something in them. Where forums can be misleading however can be when information is posted about a certain company. Opinions are not facts and unfortunately there are a lot of opinions posted as facts. For example there is a site called Casino Titan ( that has some very bad press. This site is being confused with the TitanCasino/Titanbet brand ( which is a long standing reputable casino. Understandably as the URLs are very similar but it is a blatant rip off. Forum posts are saying don’t use any company with the name Titan in it because they are all the same, this is simply not true! Basically take what is said with a pinch of salt and do your own investigation. Remember that there are a lot of bad losers out there, and many that think they know everything!

What Should A Casino Comparison Tell Me? – And How Can I Tell If It’s Any Good

Well to start with the review shouldn’t be just a paragraph or two. You will get no useful information from something that short. However at the other end of the scale there are some that are just far too long. Anything that just repeats how good this casino is be wary of. They will usually just keep prompting you to sign up. There might be a link every few lines with a call to action like click here to get extra 50% bonus etc. Most reviews of this type have no real information. Of course casinos are very similar, they will offer bonuses that are much the same as the rest. Casino games are casino games after all. Blackjack played at one casino is much the same as another. And with the amount of linked networks the games are the same when it comes to the progressive jackpots. So what you should be seeing with the best review sites is more detail surrounding the actual brand. Is it a secure online casino? What kind of audits are made of the security. How good is the banking and what are the turnaround times for withdrawals? All these questions and more should be addressed. Who licenses and regulates? If you live in the UK the casino you play with must be covered by the Gambling Commission. If it’s not, you have no come back and grief with the authorities is not what you want. A good review will tell you if an independent arbitration service is used and whether the casino is linked with gambling charities. You hopefully won’t need their help, but it’s nice to know that the casino is onboard when it comes to responsible gambling.

An Online Casino Review Should Entertain – But Must Tell You What’s What – The Muck And The Brass!

If you like gambling online casino review sites are a must read. Some of them are entertaining reading and keep you engaged. When you have finished reading them though, have you actually learnt anything useful? There are casinos out there that don’t warrant anything negative being said. Not many it has to be said. But if the review doesn’t mention wagering requirements for bonuses or how easy it is to cash out, what is it telling you? Yes you want to enjoy the read but you want to know if there are any issues that may concern you. Terms and conditions are hard work to read and sometimes understand. This is where a good review will inform you, it’s their job to work out the small print that is often hidden. So if a review is not such a good read, but gives lots of useful information, cut the author some slack and take notes.

An Online Casinos Reviews Are Free Advertising

If you want to stay abreast of what going on in the world, you watch the news or read the papers. In the online gambling community you read reviews. If gambling is a hobby that you love it’s very easy to stay with one casino you trust. Smart and safe yes, but how will discover new and exciting games that the competition has brought out? In an industry as fiercely competitive as this one new products are coming online almost constantly. A casino has to stay fresh in order to gain new customers and keep the ones it already has. This is where the casino review comes into play and benefits everybody. The punter gets the low down on new games and promotions available, and the casino gets free marketing. Nobody wants to read the same thing over and over again. So find a good comparison site and stick with them read the new articles any new bonuses around should be written about. There are new casinos coming online but with competition so strong, a splash needs to be made. Reviews will keep you up to date a lot of casinos go out of their way to inform them of what promos they are bringing out. With advertising costs for mainstream media being so high, small brands and startups just can’t afford it. So unless they have sister sites that can provide links and exposure, the only way to get noticed by potential players is to be reviewed. The casino needs as many reviews as possible and not all will have financial links. A casino has to be good to stand out from the crowd, reviews are one way to keep pushing the casinos onwards.

Legal Requirements – Changes In Them And What They Mean To You

Laws are updated from time to time and can a big effect on you. It’s not common for a casino to provide information on legal matters. All of them will proudly display their certificates and make sure they comply with the relevant authorities. But if changes come out they won’t tell you. There may be a slight amendment that just effects your area. Trouble with the law is nobody’s favourite thing and this is where the best review sites stand up and be counted. The slightest change with financial obligations can have a very real impact. You’ve only got to look at what is happening in the USA to see that. The need to stay informed on the law, is a no brainer for anybody who gambles regularly.
On the flip side it’s also the job of an online casino review to let you know if any casinos have fallen foul of any regulations. All UK casinos get audited by the Gaming Commission and there are a lot of misdemeanors committed. This will quite often result in the proverbial slap on the wrist for most, it is very rare these days for a license to be withdrawn. There is not one casino out there that will advertise the fact that they have had problems with the law. A small mistake may not mean the whole operation is bogus but you want to know what’s going on. It may be the final straw for you in making the decision to change. This is one area that the review site can play a big role in helping to police casinos. It’s your hard earned after all is said and done.

How We Do It

Research, research and a bit more research. We are not like so many sites that just end up regurgitating the same old bull. We look into how brands are structured, who they really belong to and how that could affect you the punter. We are partnered up with a team of regular gamblers. We fund them to join as many casinos as we can and they give us feedback on the whole experience. We pose questions to customer support teams and evaluate the answers given. If a casino is bad we will tell you. Yes we paid for referrals but we are in it for the long game. Honest reviews are good for the industry.